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such a cute moment^^

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I barely noticed loneliness anymore; it was my normal condition, by necessity if not by nature.
- Rachel Hartman, Seraphina (via vaerity)

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Posted 13 Sep
The Lady at the Bar


My uncle told me and my cousins this story.

My family is Seventh Day Adventists, so on Friday Nights it begins the time of our sabbath and it ends Saturday night. So we don’t do anything that goes against the seventh day. When my uncle was a teenager he went to this boarding school in Pottstwon,…

Posted 23 Aug

風景 (by 0.02)
When the lights go off


I would like to share the story I experienced just 2 nights ago. But before that let me tell you the background story so you guys are in the same page with me. And I apologize if it’s too long.

I live in the capital city of Indonesia. Now here in Indonesia, we have A LOT of our own ghost types…

Posted 22 Aug
The Midnight Ride


This little “incident” occurred to my mother’s friend’s friend and pretty much explains why Lao people don’t travel alone at night during witching hours.

About several years ago in a small village near the capital of Laos, the friend [name withheld for privacy] had a sick aunt who was so feeble,…

Posted 22 Aug


When I was 8, I attended a family party at my aunt’s house which was on top of a hill. Her backyard consisted of this huge downward sloping garden with lots of trees everywhere. I grew up with a lot of cousins who were around the same age as me, and that day, we all decided to play around and…

Posted 22 Aug